Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bush And FEMA LIE To Cover Up Culpability

Yes, they LIED. There's no other way to say it.

Under FEMA rules, once a governor declares a state of emergency, FEMA is authorized to come in and start saving lives.

But FEMA and the Bush administration are both LYING, saying that Louisiana Governor Blanco never declared a state of emergency , and that, consequently, twenty million dollars of stockpiled FEMA supplies that could have saved lives were never released to Louisiana.

LIE EXPOSED: Governor Blanco most certainly DID issue a state of emergency declaration on August 26, as soon as she saw that Katrina was growing in strength and was about to hit Louisiana. Bush confirmed the state of emergency the same day, which should have (under FEMA rules, linked to above) triggered the release of the TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS OF EMERGENCY RELIEF SUPPLIES that has been sitting untapped in FEMA warehouses. But the twenty million dollars of lifesaving equipment never came because, the FEMA/Department of Homeland Security spinners say with a sigh, it's so sad, but Governor Blanco just never asked for it...

Lies, lies, lies... resulting in thousands of lives lost.

This is genocide.


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