Thursday, September 08, 2005

On Dick Cheney's Encounters With Expletives

So Dick Cheney decided to finally pay a visit to the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast. When he got there, he was confronted by an evacuee who was apparantly (one could infer from the below dialogue) not so pleased with his Vice President's decision to stay on vacation in Wyoming through the first four days of people dying by the masses in Katrina's aftermath.

Said the evacuee to Dick Cheney: "go fuck yourself."

Asked by MSNBC (which covered the "fuck yourself" expletive in more detail in the tv coverage than the linked-to print article) for a reaction to the evacuee's "fuck yourself" sentiments, Cheney responded, “First time I’ve heard it.”

Oh yeah?

Seems to me I remember him being quite familiar with such expletives.

What was it...

....ohhhh, right! Last June.

Remember? Back in the day? Senator Leahy was questioning how Halliburton was managing to get so many no-bid contracts in Iraq and right there, on the Floor of the United States Senate, Dick lost his cool and exploded at Leahy telling him to GO FUCK HIMSELF?

Right, Dick, first time you've heard the phrase "Go fuck yourself"...

... oh, you mean first time you've heard it used against YOU? By a hurricane evacuee, no less? Yeah, that's gotta feel good.

Ain't karma a gas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great idea, Why don't you just go fuck yourself. Or at least shut the fuck up?

1:55 PM  

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