Wednesday, December 21, 2005

War On Christmas, My Ass

At first, it all just amused me. Up until this year, the battle cry of fundamentalist evangelical Christians around Christmas time has been "stop commercializing Christmas!" and they didn't WANT Christmas to be all about shopping and festive decorations. But now they're completely contradicting their past stance, arguing that Christmas should be MORE commercialized, and condemning Wal-Mart type megastores for not playing up the commercialization of xmas even more.


But I've stopped laughing as the hideous "War on Christmas" uproar has grown. Because I'm realizing how very dangerous this all is. Corporate America is starting to react, bending over backwards to replace the previous benign and inclusive "Happy Holiday" greetings with "Merry Christmas" again, pandering to the extremist fundamentalist bullies.

As a result, Jews and other non-Christians are once again slighted.

Who cares what happens in the stores? It's not about the stores. It's about how scarily successful religious extremists are, time after time, at convincing society -- from legislatures to voters to corporate America -- that unless you adopt a Christian-ONLY stance toward everything, you are discriminating AGAINST Christians. That the failure to promote their narrow agenda as the only valid agenda, their holiday as the only holiday, their relationships as the only valid relationships... on and on... you are somehow threatening THEM.

You dare to love someone of the same-sex? You're threatening THEIR marraiges. BWAH?? You dare to spread a holiday message that is inclusive of Jewish people and people of other religions and you've declared a WAR on Christmas?

What scares me is that their rhetoric remains so very unchallenged for what it is. To equate diversity and inclusiveness with their purported martyrdom is to put everyone who is not JUST LIKE THEM in danger of becoming second class citizens... because they, sadly, are the ones setting the agenda of our government these days.

Fuck your war on Christmas, you bigots. May you get run over by a herd of reindeer with a bad case of the runs on your way to church this Sunday. All of you.

My Jewish family deserves a happy holidays too, thank you very much, and if you wanna turn that into a war.... go live in Nazi Germany.


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